Genuine Hyundai Services

Newmarket Hyundai has the certified technicians and genuine OEM parts your vehicle needs

Our state-of-the-art service facility is home to certified Hyundai professionals who have access to the best factory-quality parts to provide exceptional service on your vehicle.

From basic work like oil changes to more complicated jobs like transmission replacements, our service centre offerings are all-encompassing and all done with ultimate customer service in mind. Find out how we’re committed to exceeding your expectations, at our Newmarket Hyundai service department!

Oil Change Service

Our Hyundai service center offers top-of-the-line oil changes using Hyundai-approved oil brands and genuine OEM parts for filters and related components. Depending on your vehicle, you may require full-synthetic, semi-synthetic, or diesel oil, while others may be eligible for conventional oil changes.


When it comes to getting new tires for your Hyundai, look no further than our dealership. We offer Hyundai-approved tire brands from some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Schedule your tire services online or by contacting our service department for tire rotations, tire balancing, tire patching, and wheel alignments.


The brake system in your Hyundai is crucial for safety, and our service technicians can help you ensure it's in top condition. Starting with a brake inspection, we will identify any issues and provide the necessary services to keep your Hyundai safe on the road.


If your Hyundai needs a new battery, our certified service center is the place to go. We offer quick and easy battery replacements with genuine OEM parts specifically designed for your vehicle. Schedule battery testing and inspections with us today.

Wheel Alignment Service

A wheel alignment service at our dealership involves inspecting and adjusting the camber, toe, and caster angles of your wheels. This helps to prevent uneven tire wear and maintain a safe driving experience in your Hyundai.


Keep your Hyundai's transmission in top condition with our range of transmission services. From inspections to fluid exchanges and eventual replacements, our certified technicians will guide you through the process to ensure your transmission is working perfectly.


The HVAC system in your Hyundai is essential for keeping you comfortable in all weather conditions. Trust our service team to perform the necessary services to keep your system functioning at its best.


Regularly changing your vehicle's fluids is crucial for its performance and longevity. From engine oil to transmission fluid, brake fluid, and more, our service center can take care of all your fluid maintenance needs.


Stay ahead of contaminants entering your Hyundai's engine and cabin by regularly changing the oil filter, fuel filter, engine air filter, and cabin air filter. Our service team can assist with replacing these filters as needed to keep your vehicle running smoothly.