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Why is Express Service valuable?

Time is valuable to everyone, sometimes with everything that is going on in life, taking time out of the day to service your vehicle is not a top priority. This is why Newmarket Hyundai offers Express Services.

Express Oil & Services At Newmarket Hyundai

At Newmarket Hyundai our express services are not just limited to oil changes. Although our trained technicians are oil change experts, they also have the ability to preform a wide variety of other maintenance services.

  • Fluid Changes: engine oil, transmission, coolant, differential, and transfer case.
  • Filter Replacements: air, cabin air, fuel and emissions.
  • Products/Services: battery replacements, belts, wiper blades, windshield chips, and lamps.

How do these services work?

Our number one priority at Newmarket Hyundai is to ensure that this process is quick and easy for you. We recommend that you book an appointment in advance just incase, but if you cannot we also offer drive in services. When you arrive, we will preform your quick lube service as thorough and quick as we can.

Express Services from Newmarket Hyundai

Vehicle Fluids

Engine Oil: Oil keeps your engine lubricated, clean, and reduces heat. Having regular oil changes is a necessity in order to keep your engine free of debris and contaminants that build up over time. Contaminants in your oil will decrease fuel economy and increase engine wear.

Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid cools and lubricates the inside of your transmission, which helps your vehicle run properly. Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, the fluid will eventually break down and lose its purpose. Components in your transmission will overheat and fail if your transmission fluid is not replaced.

Radiator Coolant: In order to ensure that your engine does not overhear or freeze, coolant (better known as anti-freeze) must be replaced. Over time, the coolant in your vehicle will lose its capability to remove heat from the engine.

Differential Fluid: The differential transfers power from the engine to the axis, and along with your vehicles transmission, it allows the wheels to rotate. After some time, the differential fluid begins to break down due to heat, and causes wear on your vehicles bearings and gears.

Transfer Case Fluid: The power that steers your front and rear differential assemblies in 4-wheel or all-wheel drive systems is the transfer case. It allows you to switch gears and turn your wheels. Over time, transfer case fluid will break down and lead to wearing of the gears and bearings.

Vehicle Filters

Air Filter: In order to help prevent contaminants from infiltrating your engine, air filters must be changed regularly. Not to mention, clean air filters increase fuel economy.

Cabin Air Filter: Cabin air filters help keep the air that you breathe within your vehicle clean and hygienic. Cabin filters trap odors, gasses, tiny particles, and improve the quality of your vehicles air condition system. Replacing your cabin filters can help with asthma, hay fever, and allergies.

Fuel Filter: Over time, debris and dirt builds up in your fuel filter. Having a fuel filter that is full of contaminants and dirt can impede on your engines performance. Fuel filters need to be replaced in order to improve performance, fuel economy, and aid in the flow of fuel to your engine.

Emission Valve and Filter: The emission valve in your vehicle makes sure what toxic fumes created by your engine are sent back into the combustion chambers, which lowers air pollution and improves fuel efficiency. The consequences of not replacing the emission valve and filter are stalling, reduced power, rough idling, and the wearing of internal parts.

Other Preventative Maintenance:

Battery Replacement: Over time, your battery loses its capability to hold a charge, which makes starting your vehicle difficult and strenuous. One of the major components of your vehicle is the battery; it provides electrical energy to your starter, heater, radio, lights, and air conditioning.

Serpentine Belt: The serpentine belt powers many devices in you engine, such as the water pump, power steering pump, alternator, A/C compressor, and air pump. If the serpentine belt gets damaged or breaks, it will cause numerous problems within your vehicle.

Fuel System Cleaning: By having your duel systems cleaned regularly, you will restore performance by bettering fuel economy, slow starts, exhaust emissions, and rough idling.

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